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Are you looking for support, guidance, and accountability? Are you tired of programs that give you a few downloads, certifications, and training courses but leave you empty when it comes to the real business stuff? Ask us about our APEX Path program.


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"Rave Warning! I just have to shout out about my experience with Dominic Cummins and Doug Foley. I am blown away at how incredibly insightful, helpful, friendly, and a perfect example of Value In Advance these two guys are. They are for real - experts in growing an agency. Thanks guys!"

Kathy Vaske
Founder, Vaske Marketing Group

"He took our tools [DigitalMarketer] and made it better."

Marcus Murphy
Director of Monetization, DigitalMarketer

"Just want to say a HUGE thank you to Dominic Cummins. In less than 45 minutes he has totally rewired my thinking around my Why. I always believed I 'fell into' this world, but I now know that is b.s., and there is a really great story as to why I own my business, and why I am who I am."

Bryan Plumb
Founder, Bee Digital (UK)

"I was blown away by the consultation I received from Dominic. His candor, ability to cut directly to the heart of an issue, and his ability to simplify difficult concepts were far above anything I've seen from other consultants. I highly recommend him."

Kasim Aslam
CEO, Solution 8

"We just secured our biggest deal ever this last week and into the future... a very big part of the credit goes to Dominic Cummins, who made the time that helped secure the greatest access to a client that we have ever had! Thank you Dom! I believe a big part of our 2x-4x growth in our biz over the next year will be attributed to Dom's one hour call."

Jim Traister
CEO/Founder, HospitalityFan

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JULY 17TH, 2018

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