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Stop Letting Your Business Take Away Your "Life!"

Rebekah has built million-dollar agencies and business, but these weren't fulflling her goals and the frustrations were eating away at her happiness and ability to spend time with her four children.
Within a short period of time, we helped her raise her prices, while increasing her closing percentages, and got her on the path to a more fulfilling, higher-profit business.


Are you ready to transform your agency?

A "Why" That Drives Profit & Growth

Ian has built and sold a seven-figure agency. He was on the path to do it again, but worried it was going to dominate his life and negatively impact his family and "play" time.
In just one event, we helped Ian discover his "why" and have helped him increase his sales - even amidst a pandemic!


How would you feel if your business was fulfilling your purpose and providing profits?

Have you joined other programs, but failed to reach your goals?

Jim & Dan have belonged to many masterminds and partner programs. Yet, none of these were helping them build the business they wanted.
Within just a few weeks, we helped them "fish in the right pond," raise their retainer rates, and create a business model that is helping them rapidly grow - all while having more fun than ever.


Raise your rates. Close more sales. Be seen as the expert.

Meet Your Mentor:
Dominic Cummins

Dominic has spent 25 years in sales and marketing, leading teams all over the world.

Prior to starting his own business, he helped launch a software company and led them to a successful exit of over $500 million. 

At that point, he decided to embark on an entrepreneurial journey that involves launching multiple successful businesses, including a training company, marketing agency, and coaching program.

He is married with three beautiful children and loves to talk about sales, cooking, and his koi pond!


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