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"Dominic Cummins is a powerhouse of knowledge and one of the best you will ever meet. His training is fantastic and engaging. Go Dom!"

Steve Stookey
COO, CypherWorx Inc.

"Just want to say a HUGE thank you to Dominic Cummins. In less than 45 minutes he has totally rewired my thinking around my Why."

Bryan Plumb
Founder, Bee Digital (UK)

"RightMind is a great company to work with. Please contact Dominic Cummins, a tremendous business leader with many years of experience."

Barac Abastta
VP, Jacobs Engineering

"I was blown away by the consultation I received from Dominic of Right Mind. His candor, ability to cut directly to the heart of an issue, and his ability to simplify difficult concepts were far above anything I've seen from other consultants. I highly recommend him."

Kasim Aslam
CEO, Solution 8

"We just secured our biggest deal ever this last week and into the future... a very big part of the credit goes to Dominic Cummins, who made the time that helped secure the greatest access to a client that we have ever had! Thank you Dom! I believe a big part of our 2x-4x growth in our biz over the next year will be attributed to Dom's one hour call."

Jim Traister
CEO/Founder, HospitalityFan

The Science of Advocacy Training Series

An 11-part, comprehensive program that teaches you how to turn perfect strangers into raving and referring fans of your business.

Introduction & The Challenge of Change

Who is your top competitor? The answer may come as a surprise. In this section, we introduce the program and lay the foundation for understanding how to conquer your top competition and start your clients on the journey to advocacy.

Setting the Stage

In this video, we discuss the fundamental terms of this training and take a few minutes to share with you why this program is so important to our founder. 

The Science of Advocacy - The Chemicals

We introduce the science behind advocacy by discussion the chemicals that are at play within our brains when we are working with our prospects.

The Components of Advocacy - Personal & Professional Trust

Now that we understand the chemicals of the brain and how they relate to the advocacy equation, we then discuss personal and professional trust and how to assess where you stand in the mind of your buyers.

The Science of Advocacy - The Advocate Brain

How does human decision-making work? In this module, we examine the structure of the brain and show exactly how, and in what order, human beings make decisions. 

The Components of Advocacy - Value

Understanding how the brain makes a decision now gives us the opportunity to craft our process to address value. No matter how much our prospects like us, we still must create value to justify the purchase. In this segment, we discuss how to craft a message that creates value and enables us to charge a premium for our products and services.

The Fight for Advocates

What's the difference between a buyer and an advocate? Buyers can create risk for your business if a mistake is made. Advocates become champions for your business and can generate large amounts of top-line revenue growth for your company. We share studies that emphasize the importance of pursuing advocacy as a focus for business growth.

The Components
of Advocacy - Experience

Now that we have established the advocate equation, we introduce the final component of advocacy, experience. You will learn what the relationship is between the perceived value that you have created and what is actually delivered to the client.

Creating Personal & Professional Trust - Your Why

In this section, we help you to create a 'Why' that will resonate with your audience and help quickly establish personal and professional trust.

Introducing the Advocate Journey

Finally, we pull together the science behind advocacy and show how to implement this into a step-by-step process for creating advocates.


We review the advocacy roadmap to reinforce the path to creating advocates out of your prospects and clients.

About The Instructor--Dominic Cummins

At the age of 19 Dominic obtained his Series 7 brokerage license. That step launched a successful career in banking and investments, and just a few years later he was managing a 65-million-dollar Citibank office. Before he turned 30, he was directing large teams of sales people throughout Southern California for Paychex, a Fortune 500 company. While at a software company in Irvine, California, Dominic helped build their sales organization from a small local team of 5 to 55 with offices in four countries. This rapid growth led to a sale of the company for more than $500 million. Through these experiences, Dominic realized that these companies have processes and strategies that didn’t exist in the lifeblood of the global economy—the small businesses. For these reasons, Dominic founded RightMind Inc, a business committed to helping companies achieve and surpass the goals with which they were founded.

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