A "mastermind" for business owners seeking purpose and profit.

We show you how to build a business that supports the life you desire—whether a cash mechanism to support other interests, or scaling for an eventual exit—we provide the tools to find your fulfillment.



We don’t like gimmicks.

We hate “growth hacks.”

We love the implementation of proven principles.

We’ve launched global companies, and taken tech startups to half-billion-dollar exits. We’ve launched agencies from $0 to six-figures within six months. We have multiple industry-firsts in the advertising space. (It ain’t bragging if it’s true.) What these experiences have taught us is that there are pitfalls you can avoid and moves that can be made to grow your marketing agency rapidly.

We are going to share everything with you.


Whatever we provide, whether it is a worksheet, or a presentation, or a template for an ad campaign, it is yours to use and customize as you see fit.



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The best, most sustainable agencies are built on hard work, repeatable processes, and a relentless focus on execution.

As one of our founding members called it, "Real Business Sh!+" (RBS)

We see agencies struggle because they are always trying to chase the newest “hack.” We see them attend tons of great conferences, but nothing changes because you don’t know where to start.

The APEX Path is about relentless execution. 

We will find your “one thing” and hold you accountable for execution. Then we will find the “next thing,” and so on.

We will guide on the journey to the mile markers along the road to seven-figures and beyond.


The APEX Path is PERFECT for you if...

✔️ You're not afraid of hard work

✔️ You're not looking for someone to do the work for you - but you wouldn't mind some help with proven SOPs, playbooks, and presentations to help accelerate your growth.

✔️ You crave accountability.

✔️ Your business is more than just a way to make money - you're looking to create a legacy.

✔️ You're committed to being on the weekly calls and attending live events.

✔️ You are open to feedback and new ways of looking at things.


"Dominic teaches you to sell in a way that isn't douchey"

Ryan Deiss
CEO/Co-Founder, DigitalMarketer



We host weekly calls that feature a training on an aspect of running a successful agency and then we open up the lines to answer any and all questions from the group.



There are quarterly, 2-3 day sessions where we will dive deep into each member's unique situations and create a clear path forward.

Members are also invited to any of our one-day intensives held around the country throughout the year.


Members are granted access to a very active, private Facebook group. Dominic & Doug regularly "go live" in the group to discuss business principles, marketing tactics, and anything else that benefits the members.



A private member portal and app provide you with access to our robust training library, event and call recordings, SOPs, and business resources.


What Others Say


Are you ready to propel your agency forward?

Frequently Asked Questions

Ironically, neither are we. That is what led us to start one. The idea of a "master mind" came from Napoleon Hill. The idea was that two or more people of equal experience and success come together and create a third "master mind." 

That isn't how it usually turns out these days. 

We have heard masterminds called a "roundtable of liars." We've seen people start a mastermind who've never run a successful business.

We've been part of groups where we looked to get help only to find ourselves teaching everything.

So, we decided to break the mold. We only use the term mastermind because people understand what it means.

This is often instructor-lead because we have been there and done this many times, both with our own agencies, and other businesses. We are very careful about who we allow in. Not everyone who can pay is allowed. If they don't meet our standards after they are in the group, we kindly ask them to leave.

There is a lot more to this program. We are happy to discuss it with you further. 

We feel the same! The last thing you want to do is join a group and then realize you could teach the stuff. We will have people at different revenue levels, but our goal is to get people who have a few years under their belt. We can’t guarantee that everything we teach will be pure gold for you. For example, we might talk about niching, and you’ve already niched. But we will inoculate against this in a couple of ways:

  1. The live Q&A sessions each week are your opportunity to ask questions about your company and challenges. We will dig deep.
  2. If we find that there are too many “basic” questions, we will move those people to another group, or will politely ask them to find one of those other groups you mention above.

All sessions are recorded and will be transcribed and indexed for easy reference. You won’t miss out. Well, you’ll miss out on the food. Dominic knows good food. You’ll miss that. We can’t video that. Well, we can, it just won’t taste good.

Whatever you need to grow your agency. To be more specific, Doug and Dom have expertise in ad campaigns, lead generation, closing sales, high-ticket sales, sales process, messaging, video content, podcasts, mindset, and basically anything else you can think of regarding sales and marketing. We also have design, and finance experts on the team, and a network of super-smart people who have offered their expertise anytime we need it.

In short…anything we can do to help you grow, and if we don’t know – we will get you to the person who does!

We will record these calls and make them available to the group. We’d suggest you make as many of these as you can. These are "can't-miss" calls. We accomplish a lot and cover a lot of topics. You won't completely miss out, because you'll have the recordings, but you want to make as many as you can.

Of course! Business partners are charged 50% of the regular annual fee. Buy one, Get one 50% off! #BOGO

Well, Dom lives in LA and Doug is in Toronto, so regardless we are traveling!

January 30 & 31, 2020 - Los Angeles, CA

Our goal is to find fun spots and allow our members to participate in the decision. We like Austin because it is close to our friends at DigitalMarketer. We also look at where our members are located and pick places that are central to them. We also really like Seattle, San Francisco, and Chicago. If you have suggestions, we are open to hearing them!


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