Unlock What Really Motivates Your Customers & Employees

A Research-Based Method to Help Business Owners and Leaders Motivate Customers and Employees


Sales Training & Coaching

Our sales training and coaching program is designed to help business owners and leaders unlock what really motivates customers and employees. Our program uses research on the human brain to help you understand how to influence behavior, close deals, and better motivate your team. With our modernized approach to leadership and sales, you can make your business more successful than ever.

Leader Development & Executive Coaching

We believe that every leader has the potential to become great, and we provide leader development and executive coaching to help unlock that potential. With our modernized approach, we’ll help you understand the most effective ways to lead, giving you the tools to be an effective leader that can motivate and inspire your team.

Unlock & Motivate

Our training and coaching services help to unlock what really motivates customers and employees. By utilizing research on the human brain, we can provide insight into the motivations of both customers and employees, helping to ensure that businesses are doing the best job possible in motivating their teams and gaining the loyalty of their customers.

How to Get Started

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About RightMind

RightMind is the leader in innovative training solutions, leveraging decades of leadership experience coupled with cutting-edge research on the human brain to help business owners and leaders unlock what really motivates customers and employees. Weโ€™re self-professed brain nerds who are passionate about helping companies around the world become more efficient and successful.ย 

Our unique value proposition is simple: we use the science of how people think to enable real change - helping leaders motivate customers and employees more effectively than ever before.ย 

It's our mission to inspire companies everywhere to leave a lasting legacy for generations ahead through leader education and effective communication practices. With this goal in mind, our vision is clear: to use data-driven insights from the science behind success, we empower people around the world to realize their highest potential at work โ€“ for them and for their organization as a whole.

What Others Say


"Dominic pulls from a vast quantity of experience to help companies with both marketing and business development. His practical insights into both advertising and management can be utilized by any organization looking to grow."

Mark de Grasse
President, DigitalMarketer

"Dom has a great mind for sales and marketing. I've seen in many times. He was an incredible sales coach and leader - who had coached up numerous reps to great success as both managers and individual contributors (including myself!). As a business consultant, he helped my last company pivot with sales and marketing, and within 18 months we grew annual revenue by 50%. Dom is creative, sales minded, and knows how to add real value. Hire him if you want to win. "

Brian Haney
Director of Sales, Payday

"Dominic has truly been invaluable to our overall progress as an organization and our plan for future success. He continually provides practical strategies and together with his RightMind team, we have tackled hiring processes, cultural shifts, sales and marketing tactics and so much more. Dominic is excellent at posing questions that make you think about why you do what you do and at challenging you to think outside your comfort zone. I recommend Dominic and the RightMind team for anyone looking to take their business to the next level."

Jessica Liu
Director of Operations

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