The Salesperson Hiring Toolkit

Business leaders! Avoid making a $100,000 mistake.

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Minimize risk. Separate fact from fiction.

This toolkit is designed to help you:

  • Stand out from the competition with a job posting that attracts the best people.
  • Easily create questions that quickly differentiate fact from fiction.

  • Help you eliminate bad candidates, sometimes with just one question.

  • Find a salesperson to help ease the pressure on you to make all the sales.

Top Employers We've Helped

"[Hiring the right people] is a nationwide issue we have been hearing about for many years and in many different industries. Dominic and his team have the very best process for the selecting the very best candidates."

Steve Stookey
Co-Founder - Cypherworx

"The RightHire method works! I've used it a few times and each hire were a perfect fit. Creatively challenged me to question what was motivating my hiring decisions. Great program!"

Colby Goodman
VP of Marketing - SeaDream Cruises

"We hired Dominic when we needed to make crucial hires. Couldn't recommend more."

Marcus Murphy
Director of Monetization - DigitalMarketer

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