A weekly coaching program and tools to help get off of the financial rollercoaster and build the company of your dreams


You can’t hack your way to a sustainable, highly-profitable business that you LOVE.

That’s the bad news. The good news? You don’t need any of that. You need Real Business Sh*t that expedites growth.




We’re talking about...

The business fundamentals that bring in consistent, predictable revenue that you get to take home at the end of the day.

The marketing strategies & tactics that really work for businesses operating with lean budgets.

The mindset shifts you need to ensure you never get in your own way. 

And perhaps most importantly, how to weave all three of these together so you actually have time for the things in life that matter most to you.  Your family. Your friends. Your favorite activities.



If you’re like a lot of people we talk with, you’re in the early stages of growing your small business. You’re eager and excited when you think about the future, but if you’re honest with yourself, you’re also a little bit (a lot?) scared.

And for good reason...

Growing a small business that allows you to do the work you love to do and take home the salary you want is...HARD.

Especially if you’re trying to go at it alone.

While you know how to do what you do very well, you don’t know how to run a lucrative business that also allows you to have a life. 

Every day you wake up with the best of intentions, only to find that you: 

❌  still haven’t landed that new client you need so you can make payroll without dipping into your personal savings account.

❌  need to cancel the plans you had with your family and friends (again) because you have way too much work to do. 

❌  lack the clarity you need to move your business forward with confidence 

❌  have downloaded yet another swipe file that you have no idea how to implement.

❌  wonder if you made a mistake when you gave up your 8-5 with the steady salary and nice benefits package. 

❌  invested in another course, blueprint, or program that’s costing you a lot of money, but not helping you make any.

❌  are stuck in a vicious cycle that leaves you discouraged, disillusioned and disappointed.

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Get The Support You Need

What Others Say


This Is, Without A Doubt, Different From Anything You’ve Seen Before

Here’s How:

  • This program is comprised of hack-free, hype-free, business fundamentals that work in the real world, for the long haul. We don’t do quick (and temporary) fixes that fail to create lasting change. 
  • We’re seasoned experts who have been in the trenches for decades—testing and perfecting every single strategy we teach. We know what works because we’ve done it.
  • We don’t do “one-size-fits-all” coaching/curriculum. Your business is unique. Your clients are unique. Your coaching program should be, too. 
  • APEX Fundamentals is a hybrid of live and digital coaching—you get the best of both. 
  • We have built multiple agencies and businesses using our strategies and generated 100’s of millions of dollars in revenue along the way.
  • Our live trainings are customized to answer your questions—the things that are relevant in your business, right now—as opposed to the prefab, one-size-fits-all approach.
  • High-level experts frequently contribute to our community, sharing additional insights on cash flow, hiring, systems, time-management, and more.
  • We’re not in this to make a quick buck off of vulnerable people. Quite the opposite, actually. The truth is, we’ve learned everything we know from getting our hands dirty in the real business world on a daily basis. We’ve taken big risks. We’ve pivoted. We’ve lost. And we’ve won. We’ve experienced some phenomenal highs, as well as some dark and lonely lows. We know first-hand what failure--whether real or perceived--can do to a person and their loved ones. And today, we’re committed to sharing our hard-learned lessons with you so you can avoid unnecessary pitfalls and leave a meaningful legacy. Because we’re all in this together. 

We’ll never give you a long list of things to do on your road to seven figures. You have enough lists. Instead, we’ll identify the one action step you need to take to see the biggest amount of movement in the shortest amount of time. ONE. Then, we’ll hold you accountable for execution. And then, we’ll do it all over again. Because this is how sustainable agencies are built.


"Dominic teaches you to sell in a way that isn't douchey"

Ryan Deiss
CEO/Co-Founder, DigitalMarketer

"Gotta give a shout out to Doug Foley and Dominic Cummins this am. It's rare you find ppl who care like they do. And, who will go out and do extra things just to help you. THIS IS SO RARE! And, they do it as if it's not even a big deal. Thank YOU!!!!"

Rebekah Duron
Founder, Million Dollar Dojo





A robust library of 60 video trainings that cover all of the business fundamentals you need to know. 

  • Outbound calling strategies & scripts
  • Sales methodology
  • Marketing strategies
  • Sample presentations
  • Much, much more


A private Facebook group to network with other business owners that get your daily grind and are “in it to win it” with you.



Access to our private workshops so you can work on your business (instead of in your business) with your coaches and the other members of the network. 

VIP pricing on additional workshops as well as private coaching sessions with us.

SURPRISES! One thing you’ll learn about us very quickly is that we love to underpromise and overdeliver.


You’re A Perfect Fit For Apex Accelerate If You…

✔️ want to network, learn and grow with a group of like-minded business owners on a mission to create a legacy. 

✔️ appreciate accountability and being called out on your B.S.

✔️ are willing to put in the hard work required to build your big dream

✔️ eventually hope to join a mastermind, but right now, just need a little help moving forward, one step at a time

✔️ want to be coached by agency veterans who have already done what you’re trying to do 

✔️ need to be part of a growth program that addresses all aspects of business success, including time management, onboarding, leadership, prospecting, sales, pricing, mindset, and more.

Who Are We And Why Should You Trust Us?

Dominic Cummins

After his father passed away when Dominic was only 19, he got an early start on his career working with ultra-high net worth investors. From there, he went into software sales before taking over global sales and marketing for a startup firm in Southern California. In twelve months, his teams had tripled the revenue of the company, ultimately leading to a successful sale of over $500 million.

This success gave Dominic the opportunity to start his own consulting business, RightMind, Inc. After coaching over 100 marketing agencies, he realized he had found his new passion – helping agency owners remove the internal and external roadblocks that prevent them from scaling their agency. His Fortune 500 and startup experience found a new home in the busy world of marketing agencies.

"Thousand million times worth it!"

Anna Mannerfelt
Co-Founder, Wired Mustang


Frequently Asked Questions

This is a group coaching program. Private sessions can be purchased for an additional fee, or you can upgrade to the APEX Path mastermind which includes regular private coaching sessions.

In the interest of accommodating all of our members, we host events throughout the United States, Canada, and the UK.

This is a comprehensive growth program that touches on all aspects of growing a highly-profitable, sustainable business. We’ll teach things like lead generation, sales, messaging, video marketing, podcasting, and mindset, and invite members of our vast network of influential business leaders to teach design, finance, operations, and more.

You’ll have the best experience in the group if you commit to showing up live to every training. That said, we understand sometimes you just can’t swing it. That’s why we record every training and make it available to you at no extra cost.

The No Bullsh*t Agency Accelerator

Fierce financial acumen. Proven marketing strategies and implementation processes. An unshakeable mindset. This is what it takes to grow a sustainable, highly-profitable business that you LOVE. You’ll find it all here.


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