"Bad Hire"
From Your Vocabulary

The Hiring Challenge:

"The average cost of a bad hire is two [to] three times [the] salary for that position."*

For a $19/hour position, that is a $118,000 mistake. This eight-part online course provides you with all the tools necessary to implement a hiring and recruiting strategy that eliminates the words "Bad Hire" from your vocabulary.

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The RightHire Process

An easy to implement process that weeds out the losers and identifies the Rock Stars.


Why should someone come work for your company when top talent has options?


What defines a good employee for your organization?


Maximize the efficiency of your recruiting sources


Create a productive environment, and ask the questions that get the most positive results.


Effectively use pre-employment tests and background checks.


A great recruiting strategy is nothing without the ability to retain your best talent.


Create a Legacy

As leaders and owners, we want to create a legacy. Part of that legacy starts with the people that we hire. The RightHire process provides you with confidence and certainty that you'll hire the best people for your open roles.

"The RightHire method works! I've used it a few times and each hire were the perfect fit. Creatively challenged me to question what was motivating my hiring decisions. Great program!"

Colby Goodman
VP of Inside Sales & Operations - SeaDream

"We use the RightHire Process and I couldn't recommend it enough! [We] added three key players to our sales staff over the last 6 months, all exceeding expectations. "

Brian Haney
Director of Sales, Payday Workforce Solutions

"Dominic Cummins is a powerhouse of knowledge and one of the best you will ever meet. His training is fantastic and engaging."

Steve Stookey
Co-Founder - CypherWorx, Inc.

RightHire Training Series

This is an eight-part video series that guides you through the execution of each phase of the RightHire process. Your purchase includes access to the DIY worksheets for each stage.


This video is our introduction to the RightHire training series. In this video, we outline the challenge facing owners, leaders, and managers when it comes to finding and hiring great people. We also provide a high-level overview of the RightHire process that we will discuss, in-depth, in the video series.


We spend a lot of time differentiating ourselves from the competition when it comes to our sales and marketing. However, do we focus a similar amount of attention on differentiating ourselves for our candidates? With top candidates, our competition is the job they currently have or the one they may be considering.


What are the most important traits to look for in our candidates? How do we identify, in advance, what is most important in the people that we hire?


Now that we have discussed the first two steps of the RightHire process, we turn our attention to understanding how to find these quality people.


The interview. The chance for you to engage with your candidate. This is where all of your preparation comes into play to help you decide whether or not this person is a great fit for your role. We discuss how to ask great questions, but also how to make your decision-making less subjective.


The appropriate use of tests, in their various forms, can help you reduce the risk of making a bad hire. In this video, we explore options for testing and how to use these for your benefit.


The first five steps are vital to the success of your hiring and recruiting strategy. This step is critical to the success of your business. If you don't focus on your retention strategy, you may lose some of your most valuable assets.


In this video, we wrap up our training and show how we answered the challenges that we presented in our introduction.

About the Instructor,
Dominic Cummins

At the age of 19 Dominic obtained his Series 7 brokerage license. That step launched a successful career in banking and investments, and just a few years later he was managing a 65-million-dollar Citibank office. Before he turned 30, he was directing large teams of sales people throughout Southern California for Paychex, a Fortune 500 company. While at a software company in Irvine, California, Dominic helped build their sales organization from a small local team of 5 to 55 with offices in four countries. This rapid growth led to a sale of the company for more than $500 million. Through these experiences, Dominic realized that these companies have processes and strategies that didn’t exist in the lifeblood of the global economy—the small businesses. For these reasons, Dominic founded RightMind Inc, a business committed to helping companies achieve and surpass the goals with which they were founded.

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