Swing Trading and Maintaining Investment Discipline

Season #3

Have you thought about swing trading but don't know where to start? Have you dabbled in it but failed to see any results?

How about looking to get a side hustle started for the tax benefits and the opportunity to make more money?

On this week's episode of the Make More | Keep More Show, Dominic and I interviewed Mark Wilburn of neoscdg.com.

Mark has been a full-time swing trader since 2009 and runs an education company to help teach people how to options and swing trade.

He's also in the middle of launching a hedge fund in his spare time. (No, seriously).

We grilled him on everything from how to get started to what he's currently looking to trade next and avoiding the biggest mistakes that others make.

We also discussed how he made the jump to trading full-time in the first place. You can check out more of his information at his website www.neoscdg.com.

Next Friday, we will have our final episode of season three live at 8 AM Pacific on Instagram. Follow @realbizadvisors and @ronocaruthers to get alerts and reminders—as well as additional content to help you make and keep more money. You can catch all of our back episodes at www.makemorekeepmoreshow.com.


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