What is Going On With the Banks? Assessing the situation and looking for opportunities

Season #4

What opportunities are there now in the mortgage and banking space?

We chat with Matt Shanlian, our favorite lender, to discuss what’s happening in the market.

As always, Matt dropped gems of wisdom on homeownership, how to get started, investor programs, programs for people in the cannabis business, and first-time home buyer and down payment assistance programs.

Dominic and I also talked with Matt about the market outlook and what we expect to happen with interest rates over the next few months.

Of course, we also had to chat about the SVB collapse and give our opinions.

If you want to reach Matt, email him at [email protected] or (866) 888-7902. 

If you’d like to catch our back episodes, you can find those on your favorite podcasting service or go to www.makemorekeepmoreshow.com.

You can join us live every Friday at 8:00 AM Pacific on Instagram. Follow us at @ronocaruthers and @realbizadvisors.


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