How to get a job (or good candidates) in this tough market.

Season #4

Are you looking for a job? Have you sent your resume and wondered why you hadn't heard back?

We are in a crazy economy right now, to be sure, with a ton of layoffs. Dominic reveals the secrets of hundreds of resumes that he has reviewed in the last couple of weeks and what makes one stand out from another.

We also give specific tips for making your résumé jump to the front of the line.

We also talk about the importance of getting certificates or advanced degrees like a master's degree and whether they're really required in today's economy.

Next week, we will have the world's fastest reader Howard Berg on to give tips for reading faster and remembering more of what you read. You don't want to miss it.

And in the meantime, you can catch all of our back episodes at or your favorite podcasting service.


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